Junior FIRST LEGO League

Knick Knackers at Mount Vernon Expo!

Junior FIRST LEGO League “Knick Knackers” Complete Season

The Knick Knackers, a team of 6-8 year old’s from the Discovery 4-H Club took their project to the Mount Vernon FIRST Expo on March 18th. The team is based in Jefferson County,  and meets at the NW Discovery Lab for practice and research. They were the only Junior team to make an appearance at the event, which was mainly focused on FIRST Robotics Competition, a high-school level event that our own Port Townsend Roboctopi team was also competing in.

While the Knick Knackers are many years from competing with the big kids, they did get to bring their LEGO creation and research to the Expo, and showed it off to high school students, mentors and judges.

Each year FIRST and LEGO choose a new project for kids to work on, and this year’s focus was on animals in their habitats. The 4-H team chose to learn about and research cougars, and since December have been documenting their research on the subject. Two weeks before the main event they went with their families and coach to Northwest Trek, a wildlife park in Eatonville, to see cougars in a relatively natural habitat (the team couldn’t count on finding a wild cougar!). From there, the kids recreated a natural habitat with LEGO parts, including a tall spinning robotic tree.

The team met every other week since December, working on animal research, LEGO robotics, and teamwork. Coached by 4-H Leader Danell Swim Mackey, who also led the FIRST LEGO League “Howling Chickens” team for 9-14 year old’s last year. Teammates Asher Little, Dominic Sabo, Giada Wilke, Malia Wilke and Zeke Banks were proud to finish the season on a high note!

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