The Howling Chickens Progress

The FIRST LEGO League Team for the Discovery 4-H Club is having a great time in their rookie year!

The Howling Chickens consists of 7 boys, all 9-10 years old, and all enthusiastic about robotics and the FLL challenge this year. Each year FLL changes its theme to something relevant and timely for the kids to take on. This year it’s Animal Allies, and kids are asked to solve a real world problem that relates to how humans and animals interact. The Howling Chickens have decided to work together to solve a problem involving coyotes!

The program is free for all kids enrolled, and the NW Discovery Lab has covered many of the expenses in getting this team off the ground (including the use of 4 EV3 LEGO kits, which alone cost over $2,000). Team t-shirts will be going into production shortly, and The Howling Chickens will be putting team sponsors on the backs of the shirts. They are asking any local businesses to help support this team as they work to create their program and travel to their competition. Sponsorship is $100, which includes placement on the t-shirts, listing on the webpage, and a hearty thank you from the team.

Danell Swim Mackey is the 4-H Club Leader and official FLL coach for the season. The team meets twice per week to tackle programming the LEGO bots, work on the coyote problem solutions, and teamwork. It follows the 4-H model of “Learning by Doing” in which youth learn through hands on experience, share, process and apply that knowledge.

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