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Howling Chickens at FLL Semifinals

What an amazing experience! The Howling Chickens went to Seattle to compete with some of the best teams in the state, and they had a fabulous learning experience.

Supertastic Photo Booth

At the 2017 Jefferson County Fair!
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Discovery 4-H at Jefferson County Fair

The Discovery 4-H Club had a huge part in the Jefferson County Fair in 2017! They installed a Photo Booth with superhero themed props and background, participated in events and challenges, and even helped to plant Laura’s Garden.  

Peninsula Poultry 4-H Club Photo Shoot

The Peninsula Poultry 4-H Club asked the Discovery 4-H Photo Project to take portraits of the kids and the chickens they will be showing in the Jefferson County Fair! Photograph credit to Reice Elsasser and Andre Mackey

April Photography Gallery

Assignments for April were: “Black and White” “Spring Blossoms” “Springtime in Jefferson County”  

Spring Field Trip

A photography excursion with 9 year old Andre Mackey and 11 year old Evan Mackey.